Vinny ~ Innocence Lost

Vinny, the 19 year old muscle stud, is hanging out one night with his best bud from the wrestling team. Vinny has no clue that his best bud has been secretly lusting after him for awhile. Drinking and partying all night, straight boys do what straight boys do, so shirts come off and soon they are comparing muscles. Vinny has too much to drink and literally passes out. His buddy, seeing his chance to violate his buddys incredible jock body sees his chance and takes it. Vinny has a nice surprise when the shorts come out and the BIGGEST, THICKEST dick ever on this site comes popping out. Im talking beer can sized here folks. Vinny has no clue, all he knows is that it feels good, real good, despite his efforts to stop his attacker, he is too weak and too turned on. Pretty soon his buddy is drinking down that huge load of muscle juice that vinny gives up without a choice.

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