This Model Needs More Training – Part 2 – High Def

The embarrassed Luke sits naked in the tub, waiting for George t come to bathe him. Of course he can do it himself, but he knows George insists on doing it to humiliate the models, and underscore the imbalance of power between them. Luke resents George’s probing and scrubbing his lean, sexy body in intimate detail, even more so when he pops an embarrassing boner while George scrubs his cock, especially as he knows that it was done intentionally to add to his embarrassed discomfort. Luke is mortified, avoiding even looking at George, trying to pretend this isn’t happening. But the worst is yet to come. George enjoys fondling his smooth, round buns, and Luke gasps and grunts when he inserts his finger in his tight, virgin hole. Well, at least the pain and shame of a vigorous finger fucking makes his hardon go away, at least temporarily.

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